Superstition Wilderness

The Superstition Wilderness isn’t exactly our everyday office

After spending uncountable days and hours in meaningless rooms, only staring at a beige wall, or a 1080 pixel screen (equally fucking pointless as clear) their is no doubt we constantly get blank and bored of our lives.  These walls create a routine that sucks the life and drive right out of us.  When you stare at a wall you get the feeling that things will be clear cut and you falsely earn some sense of security in the world.  When you stare at that wall you forget the uncountable complexities in life that not only govern every talking gesture box, but bring beauty to it.  When you stare at this wall you lose sense of yourself, your culture, and what it means to be human.  Beyond the beige walls of our rooms there is literally everything.  Without these walls we don’t need some task to keep us busy from the depressingly boring routines.  Maybe without these walls we would find something that we would actually enjoy.  It is at least worth a chance.  Maybe these walls are just mini ways to keep us complacent and strapped to our seats, ironically never allowing us to really pursue what we want.

Beige walls are the biggest joke played on us ever! It is like being served a bacon cheeseburger but told it was a kale salad. The people will be clueless as to why they keep dying from heart problems just as people are perplexed by the way so many are constantly unhappy and struggling.  No fucking way.  No way that this lifestyle will truly make the best you.  After staring at this beige wall for so long, you become this wall, you submit to the boring in and outs of what we are told to do to be successful, leaving out was we are supposed to do.

It is not the office that is the root of the problem, but it is the norms fed to us from the beginning.  Imagine how many commercials have been watched, then imagine all the advertisements that bombard our life.  These sandals of our “beliefs” provide support and some sort of comfort, but the second we put the bare feet in the grass we will be astounded that we ever used them.  We have it all printed in our brains that in order to be a good human, we go to college, maybe study abroad, get a job, then work hard to do stuff?  Is this stuff necessary?

In the end of the day you can go to sleep and wake up tomorrow totally forgotten what I said. But, when you enter your routine and you sit in that room staring at that wall, think of this post, think of what you would rather be doing, and do it, anything is better than that fucking beige wall.

Sure, much easier said then done, but is it really?  Think for a second how really shitty it would be to completely lose everything right now? Wright this stuff down, really think how bad it could be.  I would love to hear how bad it really can get.




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