Cafe in the Netherlands

Before entertaining the possibility that the United States is truly the land of the free, let me test your assumptions.  Let’s take a look at the features that sustain this culture.  One factor, exponentially despicable, is the decreasing time for leisure with the echoing increase in technology.  Wth all of the tech constantly competing to be the best in the world, what is the point?  The purpose of technology is to make our lives easier.  People’s lives are definitely not easier, they work 80 hour weeks in order to provide for their family.  They work overtime in order to impress their boss.  People should have more time to do as we please as technology increases.

America has an obsession with hard work that is falsely justified.  There is no way merely working hard is the key to success or happiness.

It shouldn’t take 80 hours a week to achieve what we want, and interestingly we can learn something from some parts of Europe.  Many countries have hour lunches, never work over 40 hours a week, and get two months vacation a year.  There is a reason people of Europe have the highest level of happiness.  With more leisure comes more happiness, and surely success.

Success could be seen in a multitude of ways, but each person’s opinion of success can essentially be described by happiness.  When you want more money, it is likely because it will make your life better and eventually happier.  When you want to reach a certain goal, you want the elation of reaching that point.  If you want to be seen as important by others, somehow this position will provide you pleasure.  Each point of success is fundamentally just a longing for happiness.

Freedom is independence from restriction and obstacles.  It is the ability to do whatever at your will.  With 80 hours a week on the grind under our belt , I doubt much of that is truly our time.  When humans are consumed by their jobs they lose the essence of freedom, and thus the American dream.  It is time to rethink just what we are working towards, and to restructure our lives to prioritize the little time we have.  The more you live on your own terms the more success you will undoubtedly have.  Despite our silly level on the happiness rank, it ‘s our time to kindle the concealed freedom that all Americans know they can achieve.

Let’s change this place, tell me how you will do it.



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