Glaciers of British Columbia

What is it about the sky that really makes us stop, and that draws our attention.  When we get to see the vastness above us, we get a sense of how spread out our world is.  People are meant to be in open spaces, where you can’t really catch the distinct patterns on distant objects, and where you are forced to interpret the full picture.  When you gaze over a far-reaching landscape you won’t catch the fine details, but instead the whole goddam tamale.  You temporarily get away from mundane details in light of the summation they create.  It teaches us the be okay with uncertainty because you realize you will never understand everything that is happening at that moment.

When we try to focus on every detail we fail to see the whole, and always forget that it is near impossible to understand everything together.  We are adapted for a world where we thrive on the big picture, and let the minor details that earth throws at us just be.  There is no mastery, only explicit satisfactory.  We are not owners of the earth, where we can take every detail and create a solution that is better suited for our needs.  It is better to find the one route that works fine, than waste your time sifting through detail to find the perfect passage.  In fact, this mastery of details is human’s greatest downfall.

Mastery is how we have come to literally eat the world, where we set up communities and then mega farms to feed them.  We will keep taking every portion of land until we have mastered it all, and then there will be nothing.  Each person will be lost in the details wondering how they can make life better.  Through details, more details will come, where each will be served a giant platter of depression remedies to sooth the misery.

In order to really solve the unnamed despondence, a person must think beyond the moment.  It is about the big picture, and it is about thinking simpler by being okay with all the fine details.  Take a second to look at the sky.



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